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Education Ministry announces vacancy for Permanent Secretary

  • The last Permanent Secretary was dismissed after a complaint was lodged against him
  • Announcing vacancies is mandated by the Civil Service Act

Shan Anees

K. Male' 2019 Apr 18 | Thu 14:08 509 local

Education Minister Aishath Ali - Raajjemv

The Ministry of Education has announced vacancy for a Permanent Secretary, the highest civil service position at the ministry.

Announcing vacancies is mandated by the Civil Service Act, and their appointment is regulated by the Civil Service Commission.

While the Commission has not disclosed any details, the sitting Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Mohamed Saeed, was suspended after investigation into a complaint against him.

The Commission also has authority to move the Permanent Secretary assigned to one ministry to another.

Candidates contesting for the position must have a Bachelor’s Degree in management, administration, or a field relevant to their ministry of appointment.

Permanent Secretaries receive a monthly renumeration of MVR 20,500, with a living allowance of MVR 15,000.

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