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All players equal, came to Maldives to win: Mohan Bagan coach

  • Valencia team boasts of experienced expat players

Rushdha Rasheed

K. Male' 2017 Feb 21 | Tue 03:50 1,559 sport

Mohan Bagan Assistant Coach Sankarlal Chakraborty - Google

Mohan Bagan Assistant Coach Chakrabaty says that all players of his team were on a level field, stating that the team came to the Maldives to win the match.

Speaking in the press conference held prior to the match on Monday, Chakrabaty said the biggest difference between Calcutta and Maldives was the heat, adding that this might be an issue. However, he said the team had adjusted to this and were prepared for the match.

Chakrabaty said in the past three years the team had focused on coming to a steady level of performance. As such, he said there were no players who were exceedingly good or bad.

The assistant coach said that he was well aware of Valencia’s status, adding that Valencia had an impressive array of expatriate players as well. He said when his side goes on the pitch, they will be wary of these factors.

He added that having the away match first was not an advantage, saying that only the action shown in the 90 minutes will be the decider.

Mohan Bagan came into the playoffs by beating Colombo FC in the preliminaries.  

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