MBA Championship 2019

MBA Championship: Kings BC wins men’s division

  • Kings won every match in the championship
  • Kings beat Raptors by 100-58 in the finals

Humaam Ali

K. Male' 2019 Mar 01 | Fri 18:59 1,236 sport

Kings BC players hold the MBA Championship trophy - Half Court Maldives

Kings BC won the men’s division of the Maldives Basketball Association (MBA) Championship.

Kings, which won every match in the championship, beat Raptors in the finals with 100 - 58.

In the first quarter of the finals, Kings scored 26 points while Raptors trailed behind with 10.

Kings gained a huge lead by showing excellent defense and ball control, and gained an additional 24 points in the second quarter, while Raptors scored 11.

Raptors had worked to close the lead in the third quarter by scoring 16 points while Kings scored 23.

The two teams showed an excellent performance in the last quarter, with Kings scoring 27 points and winning with a total of 100.

Kings player Abdulla Amzar won best player of the match and the championship.

The top five players of the MBA Championship: Men’s Division are: T-Rex players Ibrahim Naseem, Ahmed Husham, and Hussain Khaleem, Kings players Ahmed Firaash, and Raptors player Mafaz Mohamed.

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