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'Deaths and disappearances' commission investigating 25 cases

  • Suood revealed that the commission is currently investigating 25 cases
  • Suood said they expect their investigation to be completed by April

Shan Anees

K. Male' 2018 Dec 30 | Sun 17:28 2,753 local

Husnu Suood (L) president of the ‘Commission on Investigation of Murder and Enforced Disappearances’, with commission member Misbaah Abbas - Presidents Office

Husnu Suood, president of the ‘Commission on Investigation of Murder and Enforced Disappearances’, has revealed the list of cases they are currently investigating.

Suood revealed, at a press conference on Sunday, that the commission is currently investigating 25 cases in total:

  1. The disappearance of Abdulla Maahil, from Kudahuvadhoo island of Dhaal Atoll
  2. The disappearance of Mohamed Shafeeu Ibrahim, from Fuvahmulah of Gnaviyani Atoll
  3. The disappearance of Ahmed Mishfaq, a patient at Center for Special Needs; reported in 2015
  4. The disappearance of journalist Ahmed Rilwan in 2014
  5. The murder of Ibrahim Agil in capital city Malé in 2018
  6. The murder of an unidentified individual in 2014
  7. The death of 14-year-old Ahmed Vishaal, who succumbed to accident injuries; died in 2017
  8. The murder of Mohamed Anas in capital city Malé in 2017
  9. The death of Nadhaal Rasheed, who fell to his death from the 6th floor of a building in 2014
  10. The death of Moosa Naeem, an inmate at the Dhoonidhoo Detention Center; died in 2017
  11. The death of Ali Abdulla, an inmate carrying out his sentence in state custody; died in 2018
  12. The death of Raudha Athif, who reportedly committed suicide in 2017
  13. The death of Abdulla Rasheed, an inmate who died in custody in 2017
  14. The death of Abdul Shakoor Abdulla, a Youth Ministry coordinator; died in 2017
  15. The murder of MP Afraasheem Ali, brutally stabbed outside his home in 2012
  16. The murder of Yameen Rasheed, a blogger stabbed 32 times in his home in 2017
  17. The murder of Shaheen Mia, a Bangladeshi waiter stabbed to death in 2015
  18. The murder of Ali Ziyadham, a 29-year-old stabbed to death in Laamu Atoll in 2015
  19. The murder of Ahmed Jailam Shakir, stabbed multiple times in 2015
  20. The death of a five-month-old child, a resident at a state-run orphanage; died in 2016
  21. The death of Moosa Nashid, who was found unconscious with multiple injuries in 2016
  22. The death of Ahmed Nafeez Shaukrath, whose body was found inside the ‘Adu Park’ in Malé
  23. The death of Mohamed Shahudh
  24. The murder of an unidentified individual in capital city Malé in 2016
  25. The murder of an unidentified individual in capital city Malé in 2016

Suood said that while the commission previously expected their investigation into these cases to take two years to complete, progress has been ‘faster than expected’.

The commission president said that they have thus far received support from state institutions, namely the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives and Prosecutor General’s Office.

Suood said that, at the current pace, they expect their investigation to be completed by April, next year. Experts with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, specializing in longterm cases, audio-visual investigation, and forensics, are to arrive within two weeks to assist in the investigation.

The commission also revealed that they have appealed to Professor Hassan Ugail for his assistance in analysing CCTV footage and video evidence. Professor Ugail had previously expressed his willingness to assist the commission, through his facial recognition and emotion detector

Suood also said that delay in passing the bill to empower the commission has caused some difficulty as they are required to ‘depend’ on other institutions for support.

In this regard, Suood said that their request for detention of suspects, who could potentially influence the investigation, can be rejected by the police and it turns into ‘their call’.

Responding to criticism of the bill, Suood said he does not believe it is unlawful and that it has been reviewed by the Attorney General’s Office, but its passing is ultimately the prerogative of the People’s Majlis, Maldives’ unicameral parliament.

The commission said that they will be also be taking on new cases and that no allegations filed with them would be 'ruled out without expert review and opinion'. Suood said that the commission will also be working with the consent of victims' families. 

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