Jailed Supreme Court Justices

Justices need to be transferred to house arrest: Former Chief Justice

  • Almost all political prisoners have been released
  • Both justices have been sentenced to over a year in prison on obstruction charges

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Ahmed Faiz Hussain - Google

Former Supreme Court chief justice Ahmed Faiz Hussain has urged authorities to transfer jailed former chief justice Abdulla Saeed and justice Ali Hameed to house arrest.

Faiz has also shared an article on Facebook regarding justice Saeed’s younger brother Ibrahim Saeed who held a silent protest outside the Parliament premises with a placard that read “Justice Abdulla Saeed is still in prison”.

Sharing the article, Faiz also said that there has to be a way to transfer both justices to house arrest at a time when almost all political prisoners have been released from incarceration.

He also said that he had, the day following both Justices arrest, contacted their wives respectively to discuss the legal measures that may be taken to ensure their trials proceed lawfully.

Former Chief of Justice Abdulla Saeed and Justice Ali Hameed were arrested mere hours after the Supreme Court issued an order to release all political prisoners and reinstate opposition-aligned lawmakers on the 01st of February.

After the arrests,  they were sentenced to over a year in prison on obstruction charges.

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