Crimes and gang violence

Cases of theft and assault skyrocket within past month, police crime statistics show

  • Offences had risen by 10%
  • Investigations were launched into 75 cases in August alone
  • 293 theft cases were reported in August

Zunana Zalif

K. Male' 2018 Sep 12 | Wed 20:37 819 local

Police line in crime scene - Mohamed Sharuhaan

Maldives Police Service (MPS) crime statistics have revealed that cases of theft and gang violence have increased by 10% within the past month.

According to police statistics, investigations launched into lodged cases in August alone reach 1,121, out of which 293 were of theft and 75 were of gang violence and assault.

Statistics further reveal that cases of theft in August had increased by five percent compared to July. As such, police had launched investigations into 277 cases of theft during July this year.

While cases of assault and gang violence had increased by 28% within the past month, police had investigated a total of 54 assault cases in July, and the amount had hiked to 75 the following month.

Drugs-related cases and narcotics had also increased by 34 percent, with the police having investigated 246 drugs-realated cases in August alone. The cases of drugs investigated the previous month were 163.

Investigations into cases reach over 8,000 with cases of domestic violence, embezzlement, sexual offences, traffic accidents, forgery and robbery as well as vandalism.

While a hike in cases of theft and robbery has been observed, the authorities had released 295 convicted prisoners while the Presidential Election is upon us. With this mass release of prisoners, crimes and assault had skyrocketed within the past month and a man was slain on the 31st of August after being stabbed in the neck by assailants.

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