Mahloof's trial

Sunday’s hearing on MP Mahloof’s obstruction charge cancelled

  • MP Mahloof is being charged with obstructing a state official during a protest
  • The state alleged that Mahloof was hindering traffic and refusing police orders to leave the area
  • Mahloof denied hindering traffic and said that he was arrested inside the MDP campaign site

K. Male' 2018 May 21 | Mon 01:08 local 1,575

South-Galolhu MP Ahmed Mahloof wearing a mask at a protest - Mohamed Sharuhaan

Sunday’s hearing on the obstruction charge against South-Galolhu MP Ahmed Mahloof has been cancelled.

MP Mahloof is being charged with obstructing a state official for distributing masks to protesters at a protest.

The second preliminary hearing set for 1pm was cancelled for undisclosed reasons.

At the first preliminary hearing on May 3, Mahloof said it was common knowledge and backed up by the Human Rights Commision of the Maldives (HRCM) that the police use unnecessary force when using pepper spray at rallies and therefore he will keep giving out masks at rallies.

Mahloof is charged with distributing masks on the night of February 22 on the streets, hindering traffic and refusing to go away even upon police orders.

In response, Mahloof denied hindering traffic during the protest and said that he was arrested inside the opposition party MDP’s campaign site in the area. He said he went to the area in a taxi and immediately walked inside the campaign site where he distributed the masks.

Mahloof also said that he received information that some officials had planned his arrest as he was going to the protest because of his his heavy involvement in the anti-government movement.

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