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Shooting for 'Maamui' to start after Ramadan, to be released in January 2019

  • The film is produced by Dark Rain Entertainment (DRE)
  • It is directed by Shifau, based on a screenplay he co-wrote with DRE founder's wife, Aishath Fuad Thaufeeg
  • The movie will star the biggest names in the industry

Afnan Ibrahim

K. Male' 2018 Apr 16 | Mon 13:43 4,935 entertainment

Poster of the upcoming movie - Facebook

Popular production house, Dark Rain Entertainment is to start shooting for their next movie after Ramadan.

DRE is currently finishing up all the required work for the shooting of the movie, titled ‘Maamui’ (Maamui is the Dhivehi word for ‘honey’). The film's screenplay was written by wife of DRE founder Mohamed 'Moger' Ali, Asihath Fuad Thaufeeq and Ali 'Chippe' Shifau, while Shifau directs the movie.

The movie will star the biggest names in the industry, including Jumayyil ‘Jumal’ Nimal, Mariyam Azza Mariyam Majdha, Nuzhath Shuaib, Maria Teresa, Mohamed Faisal, Abdulla Shafeeu, Adam Rizwy, Aminath Noora, Ahmed Shakir and many more.

Founder of Dark Rain Entertainment, 'Moger' Ali, had a photoshoot with the entire cast and has shared some of those photos on Facebook.

The film is to be released in January 2019.

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