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The shelter program President Yameen failed to administer

  • Recklessness in providing shelter
  • The flats president signed for: incomplete
  • President involved in the business of hefty rents

K. Male' 2018 Jan 18 | Thu 22:18 1,072 report

One of the plots in capital Male' allotted for constructing social housing flats - Mohamed Sharuhaan

While there are only ten months left for the end of his tenure, President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has failed to bring the lot of his pledges into effect.

The pledge for fishermen, a flat for each and every newlywed, as well as failing to keep the pledge of giving Maldivians their Resort shares. Whereas the pledges have been failed to administer, discussions from the government about said pledges stopped a long time back. What the president so firmly voices out on having done during his administration fails to be seen as his own work.

Taking a look at some examples, the one thing this administration has so sorely failed to do, providing shelter for the needful. There is room to perceive this as a deliberate act of irresponsibility.

A great shelter scheme was carried out in former president Mohamed Nasheed’s administration. Flats in Gaakoshi and Arabiyya that were completed within this administration is in fact, an initiative by the former president.

The first ever substantial project brought in by China was also introduced by Mohamed Nasheed. The project was that of a thousand housing units dispersed among different phases. The last of the housing units that were finished lately were signed in 2013, before President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom’s tenure started.

While no loans have been taken for housing in this administration, none of the housing projects the president instigated have been concluded. While the flats built by private companies are exorbitant for citizens, none of the housing units were completed. The row of flats president Yameen laid out the foundation of in 2014 are yet to be completed. Hectares of land from the city namely for the youth of the country, were not sold to the youth. They were sold to the wealthy instead. Land was sold at a price that was close to impossible for neither youth nor newlyweds to grasp.

Albeit the citizens not having proper shelter, the president has provided bigger land and started constructing lofty buildings. Accordingly, the president is believed to have decided on the business where islanders are having to live under the captivity of hefty rents in the capital city from leased homes.

Granting from what we see in the president’s actions, there is no room to believe that the president is after providing shelter for the needful by building housing units at an affordable expense.

While the administration believes that the housing units built under the former president’s administration as their own, the administration couldn’t even distribute the flats fairly and justly.

All these factors point unswervingly to the intensity of the president’s failure to provide shelter as he pledged. What more evidence is needed to see that Mohamed Nasheed remains the one who provided shelter for the betterment of the people?

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