Niuma Mohamed ready to quit acting, announces tell-all biography

  • Actress Niuma Mohamed announced that 'Nivairoalhi', her last film, is to be released in October next year
  • Niuma also revealed that she would public a biography detailing her experiences in the film industry, which she said has not 'always been good'
  • Niuma had released 'Celebrating 20' an album containing soundtracks of her films, which also includes a track by her

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Niuma Mohamed speaking at her 40th birthday celebration on Friday, 20th October 2017 - Thahaarah Mohamed Waheed

Niuma Mohamed, a veteran of the local film industry since her debut in 1995, said she is ready to ditch the silver screen, before announcing her plans for a last movie and tell-all biography.

Niuma celebrated her 40th birthday in an event held in capital city Malé on Friday night, where she earlier said she would announce ‘three surprises’.

“I have nothing but well-wishes to give to all those that have worked with me, and nothing to express but the hope that the film industry has a brighter future in store” she said revealing her intent to retire as an actress, the first of her surprises.

The second was the announcement of ‘Nivairoalhi’, a film set to be released in October 2018. It will be the latest and last film with her starring.

Then, Niuma revealed that she would release a biography that details many of her previously unheard experiences in the film industry, which she describes as ‘not always being easy’.

The ‘Sazaa’ actress, who has also appeared in television during her illustrious career, had released ‘Celebrating 20’ an album including tracks from her films she has been in. The album also includes a song by her.

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