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Broadcom member Zeyna active in Pres. Yameen’s rally

  • In charge of administering seating
  • Had attempted to hide from reporters
  • RaajjeTV journalists ordered to leave

K. Male' 2017 Oct 10 | Tue 00:49 local 4,968

Member of the Maldives Broadcasting Commission (MBC) Fathimath Zeyna - Murushidh Abdul Hakeem

Member of the Maldives Broadcasting Commission (MBC) Fathimath Zeyna was sighted on Monday night in the rally held by President Abdullah Yameen and First Lady Fathimath Ibrahim for senior citizens.

Zeyna was in charge of seating arrangements. RaajjeTV crew there were able to video the esteemed Commission member, who had attempted to hide when she sighted the cameras.

The station’s journalist at the event had even questioned whether if she really was there.

An official there had later on warned the station’s crew, stating that videography was banned. The reporter had questioned on whose authority the command was made. The official later on had responded that it was Velidhoo Constituency MP Yameen Rasheed who issued the order.

The Velidhoo Constituency representative was elected on an MDP ticket but had later defected to ruling Yameen faction of the ruling party.

RaajjeTV was penalized by the Commission on Sunday. Zeyna was one of the members who had voted to penalize the station.

Zeyna, a former journalist, had worked at the First Lady’s office prior to her appointment to the Commission.

RaajjeTV understands the Member is still very active in organizing the re-election efforts of the President.

While the Commission alleges that it is impartial and independent, several Members of the Commission have been seen in various events run by the President and First Lady for the re-election. The Members have also been seen frequenting the offices used for this purpose.


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