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16 May 2024 | Thu 16:27
President Muizzu with Fathimath Dheema Ali
President Muizzu with Fathimath Dheema Ali
Presidents Office
Dheema qualifies for Olympics
Historic win for Dheema, first Maldivian athlete to qualify for the Olympics!
Dheema is the first-ever Maldivian to qualify for the Olympics
Paris Olympics 2024 will proceed from 26 July 2024 to 11 August 2024
The International Olympics will be held in Paris, France

Maldives’ Table Tennis prodigy Fathimath Dheema Ali has qualified for the Olympics, after winning in the Olympic Qualifiers Table Tennis singles event in the South Asian region.

Dheema qualified for the Olympics after defeating Sri Lanka’s TT champion Bimandee Bandara at the South Asian Olympic qualifications event held in Kathmandu, Nepal on Wednesday.

The intense five-set match ended with a score of 4 – 1, with Dheema beating the Sri Lankan player.

The first set was won by Dheema, at 11 – 8, however, Bimandee took the second set 11 – 7. The third set of the game was hard-fought and Dheema won it 13 – 11. She continued to maintain control and took the next two sets as well, 11 – 7 and 11 – 5.

In a post on social media platform ‘X’, President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu expressed pride in the win, stating that it was a historic moment for Maldivian sports.

The Maldivian leader offered congratulations to Dheema and her family, on her being the first-ever Maldivian to qualify for the Olympics.

President Muizzu highlighted that Dheema’s perseverance and excellence in Table Tennis have made the Maldives proud.

During a phone conversation with the Maldivian TT sensation’s family, the president expressed joy that a Maldivian athlete has for the first time won an Olympic qualifying match and earned a coveted spot in the games.

Shedding light on the outstanding accomplishment of a young Maldivian athlete playing against the top table tennis players in the South Asian region, President Muizzu noted that this is a matter of great pride for the entire nation.

Applauding Dheema’s remarkable accomplishments at her young age, the president said that her persistence in improving her athletic abilities is inspiring.

Further, the president encouraged the young athlete to continue with such resolve and determination.

Assuring Dheema that he will extend his full support for this opportunity to compete in the Olympics and achieve great success, the president noted that her achievement is a moment of pride for the whole nation in the international sporting arena.

The Olympic Qualifiers for the South Asian region proceeded from May 13 – 15. Seven countries from the South Asian region competed in the qualifiers.

The Maldivian team in Nepal for the qualifiers comprised of Dheema, Mishka Mohamed Ibrahim, Akhyar Ahmed Khalid and Moosa Munsif Ahmed.

The International Olympics will be held in Paris, France.

Paris Olympics 2024 will proceed from 26 July 2024 to 11 August 2024.

Maldives previously competed in the Olympics on invitational opportunities.

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