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20 Apr 2024 | Sat 17:12
Criminal Court
Criminal Court
Criminal Court
Man remanded for attempting to make purchase using fake transfer slip
His remand will expire on 4 May 2024
He has a criminal record
He took a few items from the shop, after showing the fake slip

A man who was arrested for producing a forged bank transfer slip while making a purchase at a shop, has been remanded.

Arrested and remanded in connection with the case is a 24-year-old Maldivian man.

He is accused of producing a counterfeit transfer slip to make a purchase at a shop.

The man was arrested inside a shop, after he was caught attempting to shoplift after using a forged bank transfer slip. People inside the shop obstructed him from leaving until police officers arrived.

He is to have attempted to take four cigarette packs by showing a fake transfer slip.

He was caught when he arrived at the shop for a second time.

The Criminal Court has ordered for him to be remanded for a 15-day period.

His remand will expire on 4 May 2024.

The court order reveals that there was sufficient evidence against the accused, to prove the allegations against him.

Some of the evidence submitted include statement of the person who filed the complaint, as well as the statement of the police officer who went to the scene.

The court said that the condition under which he should be kept in custody, was as per Article 49 of the Maldives’ Constitution and as per Sections 59 and 60(b) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, for the safety and security of the public.

The court also noted that it is clear from his criminal record, that he was involved in the crime.

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