Yameen Rasheed Murder

Charges raised against seven individuals over Yameen Rasheed’s murder

  • Six charged with first degree murder
  • One charged as an accessory to murder
  • Case filed on 30th of last month

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Social Media Activist and Blogger, Yaamyn Rasheed - Twitter

The state has formally filed charges against seven individuals over the brutal murder of writer Yameen Rasheed.

Out of the seven, six had been charged with first degree murder. The other is charged as an accessory to murder.

The cases were sent to PG Office from Police on the 20th of July.

They were forwarded to Police for prosecution on Sunday.

While charges had been raised against seven individuals, Police had published information on three individuals. Police had named Ismail Rasheed (25, of M. Thaaif, Male'), Ismail Haisham Rasheed (21, H. Annaarumaage, Male') and Ahmed Zihan Ismail (22, M. Irasmik, Male') as suspects in the murder.

Police say that Ismail Rasheed has a criminal record of gang violence, while Ismail Haisham Rasheed had served a prison sentence having been proven guilty of mugging.

Yameen Rasheed was found murdered in the stairwell of his residence M. Spatula in the early hours of 23rd April.

The charges were filed against the seven 100 days after the murder.



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