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04 Feb 2024 | Sun 06:57
Indian troops storm Maldivian fishing boats
Indian troops storm Maldivian fishing boats
Bodu kanneli Masveringe Union
Indian soldiers storm Maldivian fishing boat
Measures taken over Indian soldiers storming local fishing boat: MNDF
Indian soldiers are to have stormed another boat and threated the crewmen
Relevant authorities have urged to ensure the safety of local fishermen

The Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) has confirmed that they have taken action in connection with the raiding of a Maldivian fishing boat by Indian military personal, in Maldives’ waters.

This comes at a time the fishermen’s union has claimed that Indian troops had boarded a second fishing boat in the island nation’s territorial waters and threated the fishermen onboard.

The union revealed that Indian soldiers raided the Maldivian fishing board named “Maahoara 3”, a boat from Ihavandhoo island of Haa Alif atoll, in the early hours of Friday.

The union added that the fishermen onboard reported that they were threatened by the soldiers and that the MNDF coast guard was informed on the matter.

The union has urged relevant authorities to ensure the safety and security of Maldivian fishermen, in their own waters.

Earlier, Indian troops are to have stopped another fishing boat from Mahibadhoo island of Alif Dhaal atoll named “Asurumaa 3” as well. This incident was reported on January 31.

MNDF revealed that they have taken action in connection with the cases reported to them.

The Ministry of Defence has also stated that the Indian soldiers boarding Maldivian fishing vessels in the island nation’s Special Economic Zone was carried out without coordinating with relevant Maldivian authorities, in violation of international maritime laws and regulations.

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