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04 Apr 2023 | Tue 16:20
The People's Majlis
The People's Majlis
The People's Majlis
Majlis approves appointment of non-resident envoys to three countries
The votes were taken during Tuesday's parliament sitting
11 votes were not taken due to an issue with the voting system
Names of 14 envoys were sent for approval

The People’s Majlis has approved the appointment of non-resident ambassadors of Maldives to three countries.

A vote was taken during Tuesday’s parliament sitting on approving the non-resident ambassadors after reviewing the names forwarded by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih for consultation by the People’s Majlis.

As such, 52 members had voted in favor of the appointment of High Commissioner of Maldives to Sri Lanka Ali Faiz as Non-Resident High Commissioner to Seychelles, Non-Resident Ambassador to Mauritius, Qatar, South Africa and New Zealand as well as Maldives Ambassador to the U.S Abdul Ghafoor Mohamed as the Non-Resident Ambassador to Canada.

Due to a technical issue in the parliament voting system, the members took a roll-call vote to approve Maldives Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates Aminath Shabeena as the Non-Resident Ambassador of Maldives to Ethiopia and Kenya.

55 lawmakers voted in favor of approving the appointment.

Although names were sent for approval for 11 more non-resident envoys, a vote was not taken on these due to the issue in the parliament’s voting system.

Votes were not taken for:

  • Ambassador of Maldives to Germany Aishath Shaan Shakir as Non-Resident Ambassador to Serbia
  • High Commissioner of Maldives to Singapore Ahmed Thasmeen Ali as Non-Resident Ambassador to Indonesia, Non-Resident High Commissioner to Australia and Non-Resident Ambassador to Philippines
  • High Commissioner of Maldives to Malaysia Ali Hussain Didi as Non-Resident Ambassador to Brunei
  • High Commissioner of Maldives to India Ibrahim Shaheeb as Non-Resident Ambassador to Kazakhstan.
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