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25 Jan 2023 | Wed 18:25
Mini bus services
Mini bus services
Villimalé RTL mini bus service
Villimalé RTL mini bus service: over 8,000 passengers recorded in four days
MTCC is using environment friendly electronic busses in Villimalé
RTL mini bus service was commenced in Villimalé on Friday
So far, 8,105 people have availed the bus service

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) has revealed that their Raajje Transport Link (RTL) mini bus service in Villimalé has been receiving immense public support.

Statistics shared by the company revealed that more than 8,105 individuals had availed the bus service within the course of four days, since the service was inaugurated on Friday.

Ever since the launching of the mini bus service in Villimalé, the number of people availing the service has been increasing day by day.

As such, 462 passengers were recorded the day it was launched followed by 1,733 passengers recorded on Saturday.

The number increased to 2,517 on Sunday and 3,393 passengers were recorded on Monday.

MTCC will be providing mini bus services in Villimalé for free, in the first two weeks.

This was done in a bid to raise awareness among the public on bus routes and schedules.

The fare for the mini bus service in Villimalé is yet to be decided. However it has been announced that once bus operators begin to collect fares, elders above 65 years of age, children below three years of age will be able to travel free of cost by showing their national ID cards, with disabled persons being able to pay through cards issued by NSPA.

Students wearing their school uniforms, will also be provided free bus service.

MTCC will be using electric buses in the region as Villimalé is an eco-friendly vehicle area.

As such, six electric buses will be used to provide this service, allowing 11 persons seats and four more to ride the bus standing.

The buses also allow ease and convenience for wheelchair users.

MTCC commenced the RTL mini bus service in Villimalé as part of the company's work to provide RTL mini bus service in Greater Male' Region.

MTCC highlights that the company's aim as the largest transportation service provider of the country is to provide the customers with the latest and easily accessible services.

The city council has also decided to commence buggy services in the upcoming month, having expressed displeasure over the launching of mini bus services at a time they had been preparing to launch buggy services.

However, most residents of Villimalé desire both services to be available in the region.

RTL mini bus services will be provided in Villimalé from 05:35am to 12am every day. Bus services will be available every five to 10 minutes at each bus stop.

MTCC earlier revealed that they have compiled the schedules and allocated the bus routes after thorough analysis and identifying the locations and routes residents travel in the most.

These include schools, hospitals, ferry terminals and beaches.

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