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12 Jul 2021 | Mon 18:09
Tourism minister Dr. Abdullah Mausoom
Tourism minister Dr. Abdullah Mausoom
Shurufa Mohamed
Airport Taxes and Fees Act
Airport departure tax will not hurt tourism growth: minister
Maldives will be collecting departure tax from travelers starting January 2022
Mausoom revealed that these fees are being collected worldwide and not just in Maldives
Most tourists will not be deterred by these additional fees and charges

The Departure Tax to be introduced from January 2022 onwards will not deter the demand for Maldives among zealous travelers, Minister of Tourism Dr. Abdulla Mausoom has revealed.

Speaking on RaajjeTV’s “Fala Surukhee” programme, the minister revealed that the concept of collecting Departure Taxes as well as development fees, is “not new” and that it is being practiced worldwide.

Highlighting that Maldives is an “up market” destination, Minister Mausoom revealed that most of the tourist arriving in the island nation will not find issues with the taxes and additional fees and charges.

The government will be introducing Departure Tax instead of Airport Taxes and Fees charged from travelers leaving from local airports in the Maldives, from January 2022.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih ratified the first amendment to the Airport Taxes and Fees Act on 11 July, with which the government will be collecting departure taxes from all passengers departing from airports throughout the Maldives, in accordance with the set fee schedule.

The People’s Majlis passed the amendment to introduce the Departure Tax on July 5.

The Airport Service Charge will remain in effect until the end of the ongoing year. Passengers with diplomatic immunity and children under two will be exempt from Departure Taxes.

The legislation mandates authorities to introduce an Airport Development Fee to be imposed on all travelers flying international through the Velana International Airport.

Following implementation, individual airlines will be tasked with collecting the Airport Service Charge, Airport Development Fee and Departure Tax and airports from which flights depart will be responsible for forwarding tax money to the government.

Monthly bookkeeping and record-keeping of passenger departures are also stipulated under the amendment. Further, the taxes and fees collected must be submitted to Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) before 28th of the month that follows in accordance with sample documents.

All charges imposed under the amendment are required to be settled in USD

MP for North-Fuvahmulah constituency, Mohamed Rasheed submitted the amendment bill on behalf of the government on 12 April 2019.

The legislation noted that both locals and foreigners travelling in business class will be charged USD 60, with those travelling in the first class having to pay USD 90. Foreigners traveling from economy class are required to pay taxes priced at USD 30, with Maldivians having to pay USD 12.

The tax will be priced at USD 120 for travelers leaving via private jets.

In addition to the Departure Tax, those leaving from local airports have to pay the same amount as an Airport Development Charge.

As per the current laws, locals are required to pay USD 12 as an Airport Service Charge while foreigners pay USD 25, as well as an Airport Development Charge of the same amount.

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