Defense Minister Mariya Didi

Committee meeting with Defense Minister held behind closed doors

  • A reason was not disclosed
  • She was summoned for questioning regarding an issue submitted to the committee
  • Further details have not been shared

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Defense Minister Mariya Didi - RaajjeMV

The Parliament Committee on National Security Services has held its meeting with Minister of Defense and National Security, Mariya Ahmed Didi behind closed doors.

Although the People’s Majlis did not specify a reason for the meeting which began at 10am, Thursday, to be held behind closed doors, this has been done on previous occasions as well.

She was summoned for questioning regarding an issue submitted to the committee, further details regarding the issue in question, have not been shared.

Local media outlets have reported that a report regarding the classified meeting will be finalized within the upcoming week.

The summoning comes at a time the opposition coalition, comprising of Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) and People’s National Congress (PNC) has been raising concern over the incumbent government strengthening ties with neighboring India.

As such, senior opposition figures have stated that the people have lost trust in the administration of Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, due to the agreements and “deals” between both countries, that “compromise” the policies of the government.

Stressing on the increasing presence of Indian military in the country, the opposition asserts that the country is slowly plunging into slavery.

It should be noted that said military presence in the Maldives assists in the operation of India-gifted helicopter and Dornier flight.

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