Mohamed ‘Baka’ Arif

Baka transfers to United Victory

  • He was with Club Green Street
  • Baka was seen at Maziya’s training sessions, prior to signing with United Victory
  • The 35-year-old player is still in the national squad

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Mohamed ‘Baka’ Arif is one of the most decorated mid-fielders in the country - FAM

One of the most decorated mid-fielders in the country, Mohamed Arif or popularly known as Baka, has signed with United Victory.

He transferred to the club from Club Green Street, which he signed with in May 2019.

Baka was also seen at Maziya Sports and Recreation’s training sessions, as they prepared for the AFC Championship, recently.

While this year’s AFC Cup has since been cancelled, the popular player decided to sign with United Victory for the upcoming football season.

35-year-old Baka still part of the national squad, and is described as one of the best mid-fielders in the country.

He has played for various local clubs including New Radiant Sports Club (NRSC), Valencia, Maziya, Victory and VB Sports; prior to his transfer to Club Green Street, he was with Eagles.

Baka also played for Club Kanbawza Football Club, in the Myanmar national football league.

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