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37-yo arrested on suspicion of raping minor with special needs jailed till trial concludes

  • He was arrested under a court order on July 2
  • Arrested was Ibrahim Shafiu, 37 native to Feeali island in Faafu atoll
  • Work underway to seek charges at the PG office

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Ibrahim Shafiu, 37 native to Feeali island in Faafu atoll - police

The Magistrate Court of Nilandhoo island in Faafu atoll has remanded a man arrested under accusations of raping a minor with special needs, for the remainder of his trial.

Maldives Police Service (MPS) revealed that arrested under a court order on July 2, was Ibrahim Shafiu, 37, native to Feeali island in Faafu atoll.

The order issued by the Nilandhoo Magistrate Court reads that the man must be remanded at a custodial prison until the end of his trial, as he has been deemed a risk to the society and might attempt to influence those involved in the case and eradicate evidence should he be released, as the case involves a 15-year-old child with special needs.

As such, the court has ordered for him to be remanded until a verdict is reached in the trial.

Further, MPS has revealed that work is currently underway to forward the case to the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) to press charges against the suspect, after concluding investigations.

Stressing that cases of child abuse and child exploitation, including children with special needs and disabilities is surging, police urged parents and guardians of children to be more mindful.

In addition, the authority has urged media outlets to ensure children’s sanctity is protected, when sharing publications regarding such cases.

Since the beginning of the year, when the case of a toddler at the mere age of two fell victim to sexual abuse by her family members surfaced, individuals voicing against the heinous crime and calling for justice have notably increased.

As such, the public has been holding serial protests in connection to such cases which have been frequently reported the past few days, at a time the country is locked in the battle against the global Covid-19 pandemic.

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