Covid-19 criminal investigation

Criminal investigation into Kuredu case almost near completion

  • On March 9, PG ordered an investigation into the initial spreading of the virus in the country
  • The investigation into the case is not being influenced by any party
  • Hindrances are faced in some police work

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Kuredu Island Resort is where the first two Covid-19 cases emerged - trivago

Maldives Police Service (MPS) has revealed that the criminal investigations into the initial spreading of Covid-19 in the Maldives is almost near completion.

On March 9, Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem ordered to conduct a criminal investigation into allegations of criminal misconduct surrounding the initial spreading of Covid-19 after an Italian tourist who vacationed in Kuredu Island Resort tested positive to the virus after returning home.

Responding to allegations of the case being halted due to influence, Assistant Commissioner of Police Mohamed Riyaz revealed that the investigation is proceeding full steam ahead.

As such, speaking to press on Wednesday night, the assistant commissioner noted that discussions regarding duty prosecution are being held with the Prosecutor General’s Office after completing most of the investigation.

There are comments to clear some things from the PG office and we are now working on it. We believe we can complete other tasks handed to us under duty prosecution, very soon. This includes mainly acquiring medical expert opinion and more information as well as statements”

~ Riyaz

Brushing off the allegations of the investigation being halted due to influence, Riyaz noted that due to the current situation, the investigation is facing slight hindrances, as opposed to the normal situation, especially within the past 14 days.

Authorities were also ordered to seize the passport of a doctor working in Kuredu, over negligence. The court order released from the Criminal Court notes that while the Italian tourist had exhibited symptoms, negligence was observed in doing the needful to stop the disease from spreading among the community. This in turn, caused the disease to spread in the Maldives.

The PG's decision came after the government announced the circumstances under which the virus reached the Maldives. It was previously reported that an Italian tourist that vacationed in Kuredu Island Resort had informed authorities after testing positive to the disease.

Government's Covid-19 spokesperson Mohamed Mabrook Aziz said that he stayed in the city after being asked to evacuate the flight over Covid-19 like symptoms but that this was not informed to authorities. The Italian is to have gone to Universal's ticketing office as well. He was in Male' from 1-2 March.

PG's order is to investigate the circumstances surrounding the case to determine whether there is any criminal misconduct.

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