Former President Abdulla Yameen

MCS refutes claims regarding condition of ex-pres in prison

  • The ex-president has a special menu for meals
  • His unit has fitness equipment as well
  • MCS stated that they make sure everything his family sends, reaches Yameen

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Former President Abdulla Yameen - Raajjemv

Maldives Correctional Service (MCS) has refuted claims made by opposition coalition leader Abdul Raheem Abdulla regarding jailed ex-president Abdulla Yameen.

While the President of opposition coalition partner, People's National Congress (PNC) Raheem, has asserted that the former president is being treated “very poorly” in his prison unit, MCS has refuted these claims, stating that he is not being neglected basic necessities and that he is being provided every thing he needs.

He made these assertions during an opposition gathering in Baarah island of Haa Alif atoll on Friday night, where he claimed that Yameen has a set-meal delivered to him every day and that he has gone through an unhealthy weight loss.

He told us that it was difficult to take a shower and he is not providing shaving kits either. He said he is given raw food and he has been given the same thing to eat within 45 days. He said it is difficult to sleep as they are deliberately being loud. I couldn’t tolerate to hear these things. Honestly, I cried. His face is covered in pimples. When I asked him why he was breaking out, he responded that he has to use the same razor other inmates use. He is not even provided an aftershave, lotion or perfume. Yameen is spending his days in this miserable condition”

~ Abdul Raheem

Highlighting that there is a menu of meals to choose from in the ex-president’s unit, MCS media official revealed that his unit is also equipped with fitness gear including a treadmill. It was also revealed that shaving kits and other toiletries are required to be provided for him by his family. As such, MCS has been making sure that everything provided to him by his family, reaches him.

Further, the authority revealed that he has not been stripped of the special rights guaranteed to former presidents, in prison.

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