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It is a civic responsibility to safeguard children and instill good values in them: VP

  • The government declared a National Day for poets during 1989
  • Students of Dhiggaru School presented VP Naseem with a Plaque of Recognition
  • Naseem commended efforts by Dhivehi Bahuge Academy and Heritage Ministry to encourage poets to continue their work

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VP Naseem attended the ceremony held to commemorate the 31st National Poets Day - Presidents Office

The responsibility to safeguard children and instill good values and beliefs in them falls on every citizen, says Vice President Faisal Naseem.

Taking the podium at the official ceremony held in Dhiggaru island of Meemu atoll in commemoration of the 31st National Poets Day, VP Naseem highlighted a popular Dhivehi poem that mentions upbringing children with the protection and care they need. As such, he urged the people to learn from the poem and follow the message it extends in order to ensure a bright future for children.

Noting the importance of celebrating the day, VP Naseem went on to acknowledge the generous contributions made by local poets to literature and added that the purpose of marking the day is to celebrate local poets and promote the art.

Further, the Vice President shed light on the important role played by the Dhivehi Bahuge Academy and Ministry of Arts, Culture and Heritage in encouraging poets to continue their works, commending their exemplary efforts.

Also during the ceremony, VP Naseem was presented with a Plaque of Recognition by students of Dhiggaru School. Plaques were also presented to Abdul Rasheed Hussain, a recipient of the Order of the Distinguished Rule of Izzuddin.

Hussain, a native of Dhiggaru island, is a renowned poet and is celebrated for his valuable work in poetry and literature. This year’s National Poets Day was dedicated to his productions.

Commending Hussain’s massive contributions, VP Naseem stated that his work has a lot of societal values.

In addition, the Vice President shed light on the important of celebrating the day and to remember the memory of famous local poets.

Also at the ceremony, the Vice President launched the poetry book “Ïzzage Lhen Foiy”.

Maldives began celebrating National Poets Day during 1989 in honor of an influential literary figure in the Maldives, Ibrahim Shihab.

As part of the many activities to celebrate the day, VP Naseem also attended the “Lhen Veringe Gunzar” during his visit.

Further, he also expressed gratitude for the warm welcome given to him by Dhiggaru residents upon his arrival to the island, going on to sincerely thank them for their kind hospitality.

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