Second Division Football Tournament

Second Division Tournament: Mahibadhoo and Super United ties in second match

  • The match, played in the National Stadium ended with a tie of 2 – 2
  • The Second Division Tournament kicked off on Wednesday

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The match was held at the National Stadium - FAM

The match played between Mahibadhoo Sports Club and Super United Sports in the ongoing Second Division Football Tournament, has ended in a tie.

The match, played in the National Stadium ended with a tie of 2 – 2.

Mahibadhoo players showed strong play during the beginning of the match, having controlled the ball for longer periods and directed excellent attacks to the Super United goal.

However, Super United goal keeper thwarted the attempts and the team’s player, Ali Shifau took the lead having scored a goal at the 13th minute.

This led to Mahibadhoo players stepping up their game having finally equalized the score at the 25th minute, however, Super United was right at its tail with a second score just seven minutes later.

Super United was in the lead with a score of 2 – 1 when the first half concluded.

Mahibadhoo players came out stronger in the second half, however, several golden opportunities to score went down the drains for the players.

The tables turned for Mahibadhoo at the 71st minute of the game when player Adam Fahmaan scored the game-tying goal.

The Second Division Tournament kicked off on Wednesday, with Dhivehi Sifainge Club going head-to-head with JJ Sports Club in the first match.

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