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Sewerage leak issue has been solved: MWSC

  • Survey found 203 households had incorrectly installed drainage systems against regulations.
  • MWSC announced changes will be made to the sewer network and extra pump stations will be installed
  • MWSC predicts that the renovation work will be completed by 2022.

K. Male' 2019 Dec 12 | Thu 18:50 local 2,373

MWSC's managing director Adam Azim - MWSC

Male' Water and Sewerage Company Pvt. Ltd has announced that they have found an "overall" solution for the sewerage waste leak on the roads of Male' city.

While sharing the results of a survey regarding sewerage issues in the capital city, MWSC's managing director Adam Azim announced that the utility company has resolved the issue of the sewerage waste leak with the technical recommendations from their engineers based on the results of the survey.

According to Azim, the solution to the sewerage leak was a result of the company's current action plan. He further stated that the company's sewer network will be expanded and fortified to cater to the large population of the capital. As such, changes will be made to the plans for MWSC's sewer network alongside the installation of additional pump stations, said Azim.

MWSC predicts that the renovation work will be completed by 2022. Referring to the numerous complaints of sewerage waste leakage, Azim claimed that the number of complaints has reduced significantly. He attributed the recent rise in leakage on the streets to a combination of heavy rain and household drains connected to the incorrect sewage network.

He revealed that MWSC's survey found 203 households had incorrectly installed drainage systems that went against regulations. Therefore, MWSC appealed to the general public to refrain from releasing sewage water from such drains onto public roads.

While asserting that the sewage issue is the consequence of the actions of a few, Azim stated that the issue can only be properly resolved with the public acknowledging their civil responsibility and providing support.

While MWSC's survey was set to collect information from 7000 households, only 3000 households were surveyed. Azim claimed that the two-month-long survey had to be cut short due to a lack of co-operation from the public.

Azim further appealed for hotels and garages to refrain from dumping oil into the sewerage systems as it causes the system to get blocked.

Moreover, he disclosed that the sewerage systems have not been cleaned in the past four years.

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