President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih

Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders: President

  • "Miladhoo has been an island that has historically given great precedence to education and learning"
  • "Government is to nurture a generation of healthy, hardworking and self-sufficient young adults"

Zunana Zalif

K. Male' 2019 Sep 05 | Thu 15:49 2,054 local

President Solih takes the podium at an event in Miladhoo - Presidents Office

Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders and, in their hands, rest the future of Maldives, says President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Addressing attendees of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Hidaya School in Miladhoo, Noonu atoll, Solih said that providing enhanced learning opportunities for our children is the most valuable investments we can make for national growth.

Noting that every story of success always begins with education, be it any field, Solih stressed on the important of creating a skilled workforce in a variety of specialties.

He went on to underline the important of cultivating young minds to become “innovative problem-solvers” in order to pave way for national progress.

Further, the President highlighted that his administration prioritizes providing students with access to modern learning techniques incorporated into the education system, and paving way for parents to avoid getting into a debt trap.

Solih reaffirmed his pledge to provide such a system, nationwide.

“Miladhoo has always been an island that has historically given great precedence to education and learning, island community has always carried the concept of progress through individual effort”

~ President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

In this regard, he appealed on educators, guardians and parents to consider it their patriotic duty to provide assistance to facilitate learning process of students and to foster a generation of culture and intellectual youngsters.

With this being said, Solih also shed light on his government’s commitment to build a generation of healthy, happy and hardworking young adults who are self-sufficient. This goal, he said, may only be achieved through continuous upgrade to the education system.

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