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EU's top diplomat addresses Majlis: talks climate change, terrorism, "new phase" and more

  • The EU chief diplomat highlighted various areas where Maldives and EU share interests
  • She says Maldives, EU relations entered a new phase after the current administration took over
  • Federica described Maldives as not just a faraway paradise, but rather as “a partner in a challenging world"

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Federica Mogherini addresses People's Majlis - Majlis

Federica Mogherini, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice President of the EU Commission, addressed the People’s Majlis at a special sitting on Thursday.

During her address, the EU chief diplomat spoke on an array of subjects including global warming, terrorism and radicalization, as well as the importance of a strong democracy.


Federica noted that the European Union and Maldives share many of the same priorities “much more than one could imagine.”

Noting that climate change is the “most obvious and clear example and maybe the most important one”, the EU diplomat noted that it took too long for the world to catchup.

She noted that just by landing here in the Maldives, “no one can deny the devastating impact of the manmade global warming.”

Further highlighting that climate change is not just a threat to Maldives, she said that Europe also faces it “on an everyday basis.”

“Your engagement against climate change is a service not just for your people and country, but also to the entire global community to the whole of humanity and a common engagement we share”

~ Federica Mogherini

Federica said that the issue is something “we can only tackle together as a global community,” adding that all nations have to “own responsibility and contribute to the same course.”

Further noting European nations have an “acute awareness of urgency [in addressing climate change,” Federica stated that Maldives can always count on the EU to be on its side.

She also noted that EU and Maldives had signed a € five million financing agreement in June, and that a € 45 million loan to assist renewable energy projects in the Maldives.

“We, Europeans, together are the biggest contributor of public climate finance to developing countries and this will not change. I can guarantee you that this is a commitment we have for the long term”

~ Federica Mogherini


She further noted that this is not the only common challenge, and highlighted “tensions on maritime routes” as another.

Noting that Europeans cannot “underestimate” this, the EU chief diplomate said that this is “both a matter of European interest and shared principles and values.”

“Governance of our oceans must be peaceful, cooperative and based on the multilateral law we have all agreed to”

~ Federica Mogherini

Federica also thanked Defence Minister Mariya Didi’s decision “to step up and coordinate with [EU] for the prevention of terrorist attacks and radicalization.”

While both parties met earlier on Thursday, the EU representative also announced EU’s decision to support Maldives’ work against terror with a € 1.5 million package.


Also speaking at the parliament today, the Italian politician announced that the relations between Maldives and the EU “have entered a new phase.”

She emphasized that Maldives’ relation with EU nations “have become close” since the inauguration of the new government in November 2018.

We value your commitment to democracy, including this parliament, commitment to an inclusive political environment, rule of law, respect of human rights. History tell us that only a strong democracy can be real human growth to the people of any country and a real sustainable security.”

She also highlighted that EU and Maldives goals are the same, including in the fight against terrorism; which to fight terrorism while keeping human rights standards high.

She further described Maldives as not just a faraway paradise, but rather as “a partner in a challenging world.”

Federica also emphasized that EU “has no hidden agendas” and that it does not play “geopolitical games.”

“Want to build a network of partnerships based on values and on shared interests because we believe that developing win-win solutions and cooperative approaches in the only affective manner to tackling problems that we all share”

~ Federica Mogherini

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