Lunar Eclipse

Maldives to witness last lunar eclipse of 2019 on Tuesday

  • It will begin at 11:43pm
  • It will reportedly occur for almost six hours

Zunana Zalif

K. Male' 2019 Jul 16 | Tue 11:03 2,826 local

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The last lunar eclipse of 2019 is to take place late Tuesday night, across a majority of the Asian region.

While the eclipse will begin at 11:43pm, it will draw out for five hours and 34 minutes.

The partial eclipse, will end at 5:17am.

The lunar eclipse will be begin becoming visible at 1am and the complete eclipse will be visible by 2:30am.

The Meteorological Department revealed that the lunar eclipse will be visible to the Maldives if the weather paves way, as the country is experiencing scattered rain showers over different regions these days.

While this is the last lunar eclipse, partial or full to take place this year, the only other eclipse this year was witnessed in January and it was a full eclipse.

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