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New parliament building completed and handed over

  • The new building was completed and handed over to parliament on 10 April

Zunana Zalif

K. Male' 2019 May 16 | Thu 16:13 3,419 local

People's Majlis - Mohamed Sharuhaan

The structure of the new parliament building has been completed and handed over to the People’s Majlis.

The building construction was completed and handed over to the Majlis on 10 April.

When asked when the new building will be opened, media and communication director Hassan Ziyau official at the People’s Majlis told RaajjeMV that they have not yet finalized on went the new building will be opened.

Ziyau also revealed that the tender board of the Ministry of Finance is working to place furniture in the new building.

Rasheed Carpentry and Contractors was tasked with the construction of the 13-storey building for MVR 111 million in September 2011.

Although the foundation of the building had been laid out in 2007, the completion of the project was delayed later on.

The current Parliament building was constructed with the help of the Pakistani government.

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