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EC to discuss making changes to Political Parties Act

  • EC spokesperson Ahmed Akram told RaajjeMV that the act has some obtrusive laws.

Humaam Ali

K. Male' 2019 May 09 | Thu 07:59 1,015 local

EC Spokesperson Akram - Mohamed Sharuhaan

Elections Commission (EC) has stated that it will discuss with political parties on making changes to the Political Parties Act.

EC spokesperson Ahmed Akram told RaajjeMV that the Act has some obtrusive laws.

Akram said that EC has made a draft and will be seeking opinions from the political parties, and that the EC members will hold a meeting before discussing their draft with the parties.

Some notable issues in the Political Parties Act include requiring the state to issue funds to the parties within 90 days of the start of the year while also giving the same time period for parties to submit their audit and yearly reports to the EC. The Act states that the parties can only receive their funds after they submit the audit and yearly reports for the previous year.

Akram said that due to these issues, they will be proposing amendments to the parliament.

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