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Police stops attempted rape in Malé guesthouse

  • Officers patrolling the area heard screams from inside the guesthouse
  • One assailant was arrested at the scene, while another was arrested while escaping
  • Two of four assailants in total had managed to escape

Shan Anees

K. Male' 2019 Apr 12 | Fri 13:31 4,786 local

Aerial photograph of capital city Malé - Mohamed Sharuhaan

Two attempted rapists have been apprehended on Thursday night after officers of the Maldives Police Service stopped their assault on a woman at a guesthouse in capital city Malé.

The officers entered the guesthouse at about 10:30pm after they heard screams from inside, where they were able to apprehend one of the assailants.

The second individual was arrested while attempting to escape the scene; two of four assailants in total had managed to escape. 

The police say they found alcohol and signs of its consumption on premises, inside the room they had occupied. 

The two arrestees are aged 32 and 33. 

The case in under investigation.

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