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Maldives to take action against tourists 'acting out of socially acceptable ways'

  • Urged all guest houses to complete registration process

Zunana Zalif

K. Male' 2019 Mar 14 | Thu 16:41 3,284 local

Minister of Tourism, Ali Waheed speaks to press - RaajjeMV

Acceptable dress codes are clearly enlightened in the laws and regulations that Maldives follows and strict measures will be taken against tourists who go against said regulations, Minister of Tourism, Ali Waheed has said.

Speaking to press on Thursday, Minister Waheed stated that the Maldives' culture and the Islamic policies followed "must not be mixed up." As such, if such an issue arises, it has been decided that authorities will be taking the required measure.

“It is very clear that our culture and Islamic ways must not be mixed up in local, inhabited islands with children around. Currently, our laws also follow this concept. These problems are not created because of the laws and regulations, the problem is with some of us. I urge all locals to come forth with any complaints. We have decided to take action in the coming days” said Minister Waheed.

Stressing that guest houses that accommodate tourists do not properly enlighten tourists on the proper attire to be used on public beaches, Minister Waheed announced that authorities had opened registration opportunities for guest houses until 13 March, however, there are guest houses that have still not completed their registration process.

Highlighting previous undesirable consequences with such guest houses, Minister Waheed asserted that the Ministry will not be held responsible if similar incidents repeat as the operation of unregistered guest houses and such facilities in the country, is strictly illegal.

“If unregistered companies face undesirable consequences while accommodating a tourist, the Ministry will not be held responsible. We will not be able to take the responsibility if measures are taken against such facilities said the Minister.

With this being said, since the development of the tourism industry in the Maldives, it has been deemed inappropriate for tourists to dress down in the capital Male or any inhabited island in Muslim nation. While tourists are free to wear swimwear in resorts, some local islands provide “bikini beaches” where swimwear is allowed.

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