Parliamentary Election 2019

MDP re-submits five out of 10 forms rejected by EC

  • MDP is working to re-submit the remaining five forms as well

Zunana Zalif

K. Male' 2019 Feb 12 | Tue 17:09 1,058 local

Press conference by ruling party MDP - RaajjeMV

Ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has re-submitted five out of the 10 candidacy forms rejected by the Elections Commission due to lack of information.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Deputy Secretary General Afshan Latheef revealed that they have re-submitted five forms and will begin work to gather the required information to re-submit the remaining five in the near future.

MDP has asked their candidates to present their financial statements to the party before 8pm on Thursday.

Further, Afshan stated that the EC has shared important dates in regards to the upcoming Parliamentary Election and that the commission is working to carry out the procedures of the election transparently.

“Candidacy applications are to be submitted before 17 February. Forms of observers to be submitted before 2 February. They will be publicizing the voters list on 17 February. Re-registration will begin on 1 March. Last date for withdrawing candidacy is set at 26 March” said Afshan.

Party leader and former President Mohamed Nasheed had previously stated that they will receive the majority of parliament only when their candidates win in the parliamentary election scheduled for 6th April.

MDP is set to contest for 86 constituencies for the 19th Parliament to begin in May. The only constituency they will not be competing for is Nilandhoo.

MDP earlier announced its decision to give up six constituencies for Adhaalath Party but later stated that many of their candidates do not wish to give up their tickets.

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