Dengue Fever

Hoarafushi reports dengue outbreak in the island

  • The outbreak occurred in the previous week
  • HPA advised citizens to take safety measures

Zunana Zalif

K. Male' 2019 Jan 01 | Tue 17:44 2,191 local

Hoarafushi island in Haa Alif atoll - Twitter

The council of Hoarafushi island in Haa Alif atoll has revealed an outbreak of dengue fever in the island.

Island Council President Mohamed Waheed reported that there have been a record amount of cold and flu cases in the island with a total of eight children and one adult becoming positive to dengue so far.

Highlighting that the flu broke out last week, Waheed said that a record number of island residents have consulted the doctor up till Monday.

“We are working to send two children to capital city Male’ for further treatment. They have been receiving treatment at the island’s health center for four days straight” stressed Waheed.

The council President further said that they are working to control the spread of flu and dengue, as such, the health center and council, with the cooperation of island residents, have begun a cleaning initiative to reduce mosquitoe infestations.

The island council has also appealed on the residents to take preventive measures when stepping outside, such as staying hygienic, and using mosquito repellent.

The Health Protection Agency which functions under the Ministry of Health has also advised the public to steer clear of flu and dengue during the public holidays, which is a time when many people travel to and from the capital and throughout the outlying islands.

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