Bill to transfer Dhivehi Bahuge Academy's responsibility to Heritage Ministry, accepted

  • The bill was proposed by MP for mid-Hithadhoo constituency, Ibrahim Mohamed Didi
  • The academy is currently answering to the Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Arts, Culture and Heritage is a newly formed Ministry

Zunana Zalif

K. Male' 2018 Dec 10 | Mon 17:13 1,561 local

MP for mid-Hithadhoo constituency, Ibrahim Mohamed Didi - Majlis

The bill proposing to transfer the responsibility of the academy for Dhivehi language, “Dhivehi Bahuge Academy” to the Ministry of Arts, Culture and Heritage has been accepted for consideration.

The bill, proposed by Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Parliamentary Group Member and mid-Hithadhoo MP Ibrahim Mohamed Didi was accepted with votes from 46 members at the sitting held on Monday, along with five other bills.

The bills have since been forwarded to the relevant committees for review.

MP Didi proposed the bill since the Ministry of Education currently takes on the responsibilities of the Academy. The lawmaker stated that this amendment must be brought following the changes brought to the framework of Ministries which formed the Ministry of Arts, Culture and Heritage to be responsible for the Academy.

The academy for Dhivehi language was formed back in 2011 during the administration of former President Mohamed Nasheed.

The Academy focuses on protecting the Dhivehi language as well as encouraging citizens to maintain it as the common language among the people. The academy also conducts programs and discussions on the language and history of Dhivehi.

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