Illegal oil trade

Police give statement in President Yameen's defense regarding illegal oil trade case

  • Police asks public not to spread such rumors
  • 'There is no proof or evidence against the President'
  • 'There are no witnesses who testified in favor of the case in the investigation'

Zunana Zalif

K. Male' 2018 Sep 05 | Wed 20:04 1,975 local

MDP heads to ACC with case of illegal oil trade which allegedly involves President Yameen - MDP

Maldives Police Service (MPS) has given a statement in President Abdulla Yameen’s defense following the case lodged at the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to investigate allegations against the President for his alleged linkage to an illegal oil trade with foreign entities.

At a press conference held by the MPS on Wednesday, Spokesperson Superintendent of Police Ahmed Shifan stated that the police force has concluded a full and transparent investigation into the case of a vessel registered in Maldives had been involved in illegal oil trade with a North Korean vessel. Spokesperson Shifan added that the accused are to remain under police custody till the end of the trial.

While the spokesperson claims that a full investigation has been conducted, Shifan went on to add that President Yameen had no involvement in the case whatsoever.

“Two court hearings have taken place in the case thus far having been forwarded to the Prosecutor General’s office for investigation. We would like to add that suspects alleged to be involved in the case have been arrested and will remain in custody until the end of the trial. The accusation against President Yameen for being involved in the illegal oil trade is utterly false. None of the witnesses have yet mentioned President Yameen’s involvement in the case thus far in the investigation. We have not received any evidences against the President thus far” said Shifan.

Spokesperson Shifan speaking at a press conference

Shifan further went on to condemn accusations pinned on the President by opposition figures, stressing that it is unacceptable to pin such serious accusations on individuals regarding serious issues related to national security. Shifan appealed on all to refrain from reporting false information.

The police press conference is followed by main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s assertion to investigate incumbent President Abdulla Yameen’s alleged linkage to an illegal oil trade overseas. MDP alleged that apart from main culprit “Xin Yuan 18”, another vessel “Prospery” under the case of leaseholder, Hong Kong based “Long Line International Ship Management Company Limited” used the Maldivian flag onboard the vessel illegally.

The ship had evidently used the call sign of an oil tanker that belongs to “Green Box Private Limited” run under the management of former Colonel Mohamed Ziyad in the Maldives, and that President Yameen had contacted the board members of Bank of Maldives (BML) when the company had requested for a loan.

Moreover, MDP’s Secretary General Anas Abdul Sattar had revealed that they had received information that a Green Box employee had been using stamps of the transport authority, out of the Maldives. Furthermore, an exorbitant amount of oil had been exported on Green Box company’s vessels without getting the required declaration from Maldives Customs Service (MCS).

Xin Yuan 18, an oil tanker suspected to commit identity fraud by using the Maldivian flag onboard, was involved in illegal oil trade that violates United Nations Security Council Sanctions against North Korea.

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