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Maldives first ever Coke ad launched

  • This is the first time a local advertisement has been made for Coca Cola
  • Local actress Sheela Najeeb and actor Mohamed Nimal starred in the advertisement
  • The advertisement is a production of Chopart Private Limited

Zunana Zalif

K. Male' 2018 May 22 | Tue 08:27 3,227 business

Throughout the launching ceremony of Maldives Coke advertisement - Mohamed Sharuhaan

An advertisement has been launched in the Maldives featuring world's best-selling carbonated soft drink Coca-Cola or Coke by the Coca-Cola company.

The advertisement of Coke, a popular soft drink among Maldivians was launched on the 20th of May in the launching ceremony held at recently established Maagiri Hotel.

The production by Chopart Private Limited was starred by local film actress Sheela Najeeb and veteran actor in the Maldivian film industry, Mohamed Nimal and shows the perfection of a family meal with a bottle of world reknown soft drink.

Coca-Cola officials said that the advertisement demonstrates Maldivian culture to an extent and that the company hopes to create more advertisements featuring Maldives in coming years.

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