Former President Nasheed

Nasheed faces new terrorism charges over Yameen's arrest in 2010

  • In relation to the arrest and detention of President Yameen, then MP, in 2010
  • Was convicted on a separate terror charge in March 2015
  • Has been granted political asylum in the United Kingdom

Aishath Shaany

K. Male' 2017 Jan 11 | Wed 00:06 1,603 local

Former President Mohamed Nasheed was convicted on a separate terrorism charge in March 2015 - Azmoon Ahmed

Former President is facing potential terrorism charges, in connection to the arrest and subsequent detention of President Abudlla Yameen- then Mulah MP- in 2010.

President Yameen was arrested on June 14, 2010, over accusations that he had been bribing other lawmakers in an attempt to overthrow Nasheed’s government. After his arrest order was nullified by the Supreme Court and released, he was arrested again, by the military, and taken to Aarah. He was released on July 23.

Officials from Nasheed’s administration maintain that Yameen was taken to Aarah “as a security precaution” due to the escalated situation in Male’ City, as decided by the National Security Council. It noted that Aarah “has never been a place where criminals are held in custody.”

After completing the investigation into the matter, Maldives Police Service has forwarded the case to the Prosecutor General’s Office, seeking fresh terrorism charges against the former President.

Nasheed was convicted on terrorism charges in March 2015, and sentenced to 13 years in jail. However, after being granted medical leave, Nasheed travelled to the United Kingdom in January 2016, and has sought political asylum there.

In addition, Defence Minister during Nasheed administration, Ameen Faisal has been charged with terrorism, over Yameen’s arrest. He was charged with terrorism on October 20.

According to the charge levied against Faisal- under Article 2(b) and Article 6(b) of the Anti-Terrorism Act- the military had, as a pretense to provide him security, taken Yameen into custody against his will.

The first hearing for the trial was held on December 29, where the Criminal Court gave him seven days to appoint a lawyer.

While authorities have issued a travel ban against Faisal, Faisal had asked the Court to temporarily lift the ban, in order to travel abroad for medical purposes.

Faisal told the Court that he required a treatment which is unavailable in the Maldives, and that doctors had advised him not to delay his treatment, adding that his ailment is life-threatening.

However, presiding Judge Adam Arif concluded the hearing without announcing a decision on the matter, adding that ‘it is administrative work.” He further said that a decision will be made, after referring to the doctors’ notes.

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