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24 Apr 2018 | Tue 17:19
Fahmy\'s mother Khadheeja
Fahmy's mother Khadheeja
Teens Missing at Sea
A mother's feelings on the day before her son went missing
hadheeja wants to find his son, dead or alive
Fahmy's mother, Khadheeja came home from school on Saturday because of an instinct that something 'big' was about to happen
Fahmy, 17 and Mayameen 14 went missing on Saturday while out swimming

"Couldn't even sleep the night before Fahmy went missing. I kept waking up and checking whether all my children were there. I woke up at around 6 (on Saturday morning) and checked as well", said 17-year-old Fahmy's mother, Khadheeja Fahmy about how she was feeling the night before.

Khadheeja, 46, told RaajjeMV that she had ‘an inkling’, that something big was about to happen on the night before and the morning of the day her son went missing. She had even acted on the feelings.

Khadheeja, who works at Hithadhoo School, left for work on Saturday after preparing breakfast for Fahmy. Regardless, she found it difficult to remain in duty and did not feel like working, and therefore decided to leave work early that day.

“I kept hearing the sound of huge waves as I was at work that day. I kept thinking that it could be a tsunami and it made it hard for me to continue with work. I felt an urgent need to go home as soon as possible because it really felt like a tsunami", said Khadheeja, explaining to RaajjeMV’s Mohamed Wisam on why she left work early that Saturday.

While Khadheeja chose to leave work early and head home, she had no idea that Fahmy had gone for football practice with his close friends- Mayaameen Ali, 14 and Ali Raif, 16.

“I only learnt that he was missing after a call from a relative, asking about the whereabouts of Fahmy. When she asked where he was, I answered saying maybe he left for football practice. She then asked is his shoes were there, and after checking I told her that it is at home. So, she asked again where he could be and I thought he might be at school. When I asked the concerned relative what was going on, she said that they can't find Fahmy,” Khadeeja explained to Wisam on how she found out her son had gone missing.

Despite struggling to talk about her son, Khadheeja described his in just one sentence.

"To me, he is an extremely compassionate and kind boy”, she said.

While it has been three days since Fahmy went missing, along with his friend Mayameen, Khadheeja remains hopeful and persistent on finding her son and his friend. She calls the police at least once a day, to get an update on her son.

"I would at least like to see his body. I just want to see his body one last time. Even last night I called the police and asked if they were searching for him. They told me that they are searching for him, along with the MNDF Coastguard. I told them I would like to at least see his dead body one last time", said Khadheeja.

She also told Wisam that Mayameen used to visit their house a lot, and that she hopes that both are found soon, adding that she has been receiving a lot of love and support from family and friends.

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