Ramadan 2018

Alif Alif Thoddoo aims to bring 300 tonnes of watermelons to Malé this Ramadan: Thoddoo Council

  • Thoddoo brought around 240,000 kgs of watermelons last Ramadan.
  • The price of watermelons last Ramadan reached 50 MVR per kilogram
  • The price inflation last year was caused due to the natural damages to the watermelon farms

Afnan Ibrahim

K. Male' 2018 Apr 23 | Mon 09:41 3,862 business

Watermelon farm on Thoddoo - RaajjeMV

Alif Alif Thoddoo Council announced that they aim to export wetermelons of over 300,000 kgs to Malé this Ramadan. 

President of Thoddoo Council, Khadheeja Niusha told RaajjeMV that they leased 113 agriculturual lands to Thoddoo citizens in order to increase watermelon production for this Ramadan. 

The council leased around 2 million square feet of land for watermelon farming in February this year. Watermelon plantation has begun on the leased lands according to Thoddoo Council. 

Ms Niusha also mentioned that watermelons will be pulp and ready to be sold by this Ramadan and that Thoddoo will export fruits and vegetables to Male', islands from Alif atoll, as well as resorts. Nevertheless, she explained that they will only be able to produce watermelons of 300,000 kgs, if the farms are not damaged due to the weather. Ms. Niusha added that it is likely to cause an inflation in watermelon prices if the farms were damaged.  

Thoddoo was able to export watermelons of 240,000 kgs to Male' even though heavy rainfall and bad weather caused damages to the watermelon farms last year.  


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