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Local market stalls to be cleared by Thursday

  • Many vendors given notice to clear stalls
  • Last date for clearing given as December 28th
  • Notice issued for stalls operating against procedures

Rushdha Rasheed

K. Male' 2017 Dec 28 | Thu 05:34 2,757 business

Local market stalls - Azmoon Ahmed

The deadline given to local market stall vendors to clear out their stalls will expire on Thursday. 

While the ministry had initially given the vendors till December 11 to empty the stalls, the deadline was extended to December 28.

The ministry highlighted that the agreement with the vendors had expired in June. Noting that regulations on leasing stalls at the local market were established in April this year, the Housing Ministry said that the said regulations were publicized on 26 April.

The Ministry further noted that they had opened up applications in June, adding that they had received applications from over 4,000 interested candidates.

Previously the ministry had said that authorities will confiscate any items left at the stalls after December 11, adding that they will not take responsibility for any of the damages caused to the items during the process.

According to the ministry, those that have been ordered to empty the stalls "are those that have violated set rules and procedures".

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