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22 Aug 2017 | Tue 16:42
Neeza Imad resigned from the Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) on Sunday
Neeza Imad resigned from the Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) on Sunday
Neeza Imad
This govt. will make every effort to prevent people like my mum from doing their jobs: Neeza's daughter
Neeza Imad had served at MMA for over 30 years
Nubla Mohamed said that her mother worked for the people, and not any regimes
Neeza Imad resigned from MMA on Sunday, following the President's name to withdraw her nomination as Governor

Neeza Imad resigned from her post as Assistant Governor at Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) on Sunday.

Her resignation comes after over 30 years of 'invaluable' service at the authority.

So invaluable that in fact, she was the first in line for the post of Governor, following the resignation of Dr. Azeema Adam last Wednesday.

Hours after Azeema's resignation, President Abdulla Yameen had sent Neeza's name to Parliament for approval.

However, days later on Sunday, it was revealed that the President had withdrawn Neeza's name and nominated another individual instead.

While the withdrawal was unexpected, Neeza noted that she was contacted before sending her name in, as well as before withdrawing her name.

Noting that this shows the government's "lack of faith" in her, Neeza decided to resign from MMA.

Her decision to resign was followed by mixed reactions, most of it was positive, with the public praising her courage and principles.

Her daughter, Nubla Mohamed told us her mother's story; a tale of a hardworking woman- filled with courage and integrity- only to be bumped by a member of the opposite sex, at one of the most crucial stages in her career.

Fresh off high school, Neeza Imad joined Maldives Monetary Authority in 1986. She was a junior then, and climbed up the ranks there, through her own merit, becoming the Assistant Governor.

She was employed at MMA when she had her first child in 1990, and became a working mother.

Nubla described her mother as a hands-on parent, despite her busy schedule at work. She noted that all their family vacations depended on "MMA schedules", to the very last one they took earlier this month.

"She had her good days and bad days but she took on every challenge with courage and integrity. I know she was never afraid to stand against the status quo no matter what pressures were place on her," Nubla said, via her Facebook account.

Nubla highlighted that her mother did not work for any "regimes, any one individual or government".

"She works for the people. She told me that there have to be people within the public institutions holding it up, resisting the pressures, doing what is in the best interest of the country and the people," said Nubla.

Nubla's conclusion on why her mother was treated so?

Because the current government "is not a government that serves the interests of the people" and "will make every effort" to prevent people like her mother from doing their jobs.

Noting that her mother had shown that it is possible to be a great mother, despite the pressures and stress, Nubla said that the most important thing is to "always have self-respect to walk away from the people and situations that trouble your conscience and is beneath your dignity".

Nubla said she was proud of her mother's decision to resign despite the countless sacrifices she has made throughout her career.


Because "while many things in the world have a price, your integrity is priceless," said Nubla.

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Abdul sattar yoosuf
Well said Nubla. Integrity is priceless indeed - akes a lifetime to elevate but a second to fall.