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28 May 2023 | Sun 14:16
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih
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President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih
"Investment in HR development vital to maintaining sustainable national progress"
The President stressed the importance of ongoing investment in the development of human resources
The President acknowledged the administration's substantial progress in fulfilling its commitments to Dharanboodhoo

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has highlighted the role of developmental projects, job creation, and human resources development in driving national progress.

President Solih made the remarks while speaking at the ceremony held to inaugurate the developed harbor of Dharanboodhoo Island of Faafu atoll, on Saturday.

In his remarks at the event, the President emphasized that Malé City's traffic was a result of previous policies that prioritized centralization, drawing people to the capital for even the most basic services and employment possibilities. As such, he voiced concern about the deteriorating situation in Malé City and emphasized that developing other locations to improve livability and offer workable alternatives is the key to easing congestion.

The President highlighted the administration's focus on building up human resources alongside infrastructure initiatives to satisfy the increasing demand.

Additionally, he stressed the importance of ongoing investment in the development of human resources as a crucial element in preserving sustainable national success.

The President further noted that the historical migration pattern towards Malé City had been influenced by the lack of economic prospects and revenue sources on the islands.

The President expressed hope for a bright future for the island while highlighting the accomplishments of the 36 islanders who obtained their degrees through the administration's free degree program.

He highlighted the significance of keeping people on the island in order to boost its chances for growth.

The President acknowledged the administration's substantial progress in fulfilling its commitments to Dharanboodhoo Island. He emphasised that despite the achievements, the island community may still need to meet needs, urging residents to communicate any additional requirements or requests.

President Solih shared that he had personally experienced the difficulties faced by the island community in using the island's previous harbor, back in 2018, when he visited the island as part of his presidential campaign. He noted that the development of the harbor has been a pertinent concern raised by the island community from the beginning.

President Solih in his address at the ceremony, noted that his administration, unlike those before him, is working to implement developmental projects in islands, without any discrimination regardless of the island's population size.

The harbor development project of Dharanboodhoo Island was awarded to Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC), by the Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure on 10 December 2019. 

MTCC successfully completed all the planned upgrading works of the harbor in April 2022.

Under the contract, MTCC carried out dredging and excavation operations, constructed a breakwater, a quay wall, revetment, groynes, a ramp, a bridge and installed harbor lights as well as a harbor pavement.

As such, MTCC dredged and evacuated an area measuring 46,600 cubic meters, constructed a breakwater measuring 410 meters and a revetment measuring 140 meters as well as a quay wall measuring 196 meters and a ramp.

Further, a harbor pavement measuring 2,641 square meters was also installed alongside an 11-meter by 11-meter ramp.

The project was valued at MVR 40.4 million and was contracted to be completed within 397 days. 

President Solih was accompanied at the ceremony by, First Lady Fazna Ahmed, Cabinet ministers, parliamentarians, and senior government officials. The ceremony also employees from government agencies and organizations and residents of the island, in attendance.

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