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08 Feb 2023 | Wed 11:23
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih
Presidential Address 2023
3.5 million tourists will be welcomed annually by 2028 – Pres. Solih
The government will be able to double its revenue to MVR 45 billion by 2028
National productivity of MVR 81 billion can be doubled tp MVR 177 by 2028
Tourist arrivals will increase by at least 3.5 million per year by 2028

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has stated that the Maldives will be welcoming 3.5 million tourists, annually, by 2028.

The President made the statement in his Presidential Address on Monday.

In his address, President Solih described the past three years as the most challenging years the Maldivian economy has faced. As such, he noted that the Covid-19 pandemic brought a complete halt to the Maldivian economy.

The President stated that the administration can show results based on mathematical results on the work done and what remains to be done. He said that data demonstrate how well the Maldivian economy is doing.

Stating that the Maldives will be welcoming 3.5 million tourists annually, by 2028, President Solih stated that this will be the result of all of the commenced, ongoing and completed developmental projects of the administration. He said that the developmental projects of his administration will take the Maldivian tourism industry to new heights.

The President said that this will double the country’s economic growth. As such, he noted that the total productivity of the country, which was at MVR 81 billion in 2018, can be doubled and increased to MVR 177 billion in 10 years.

President Solih added that the government will be able to double its revenue to MVR 45 billion by 2028.

President Solih stated that the administration's current social, economic, and all other policies are geared towards achieving this target, which would result in an increase in people's incomes, an increase in job opportunities, a rise in new business ventures, and ensure a peaceful and prosperous society.

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