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11 Sep 2021 | Sat 16:52
Housing units constructed in Gulhifalhu
Housing units constructed in Gulhifalhu
Gulhifalhu housing project
Civil Court rules against granting compensation amount by person reg. Gulhifalhu housing
Hulhumale flats had a high budget in construction.
The compensation decided by the government is a reasonable one, says the state.
Authorities have not completely ruled out financial compensation.

The compensation amount sought by a person who suffered damages due to the “Gulhifalhu Housing Scheme”, will not be granted.

The Civil Court issued the ruling, after stating that the compensation amount proposed by the person cannot be reimbursed, however, the person will be given compensation.

This matter comprises of an individual who presented to civil court, that their two flats in Gulhifalhu being built by the Global Projects Development Corporation, have not yet been handed over to him, therefore he demanded for land in Hulhumalé or two flats, alongside MVR 4,348,452.52 as compensation.

The person claims that the compensation is for the living expenses that were spent during the time that the flats remained unassigned to him.

While the state has not fully rejected the compensation proposal, they have rejected the compensation amount proposed.

The state said that the flats, with all factors and elements considered, are of high value. They have also added that the price of the desired Hulhumalé flat can be discounted in comparison to the Gulhifalhu unit.

In the final statement by civil service after consideration of both sides, a reason for why the Gulhifalhu flats were not allocated in the first place was explained, also detailing the individual’s other options.

The civil court ruled that under no circumstances or regulations, can the proposed amount be paid in compensation to the individual in question.

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