Mosquito fogging program in Maldives capital

1,438 - 2020-05-13

At a time the impending fear of the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic have the citizens locked up indoors, mosquito-borne disease such as dengue, and others such as influenza have been lingering, especially since the monsoon season began. The Malé City council has been fogging the capital city every morning, under the initiative to curb the spread of such diseases.

Migrant workers are active in fogging the city. Photo by RaajjeMV

It is carried out every morning in teams Photo by RaajjeMV

Every year, the monsoon season provokes mosquito infestations. Photo by RaajjeMV

Diseases such as dengue catch the air during these days. Photo by RaajjeMV

The work is carried out by the Malé City Council. Photo by RaajjeMV

This comes at time Covid-19 has also been spreading steadily across the country. Photo by RaajjeMV