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Zunana Zalif
SOE not mentioned in Presidential address

President Yameen has ended his presidential address without mentioning anything about the State of Emergency declared across the nation. 

21 Feb 2018 | Wed 21:46
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Zunana Zalif
Presidential Address

"The past year has been a progressive one. Crimes have been significantly reduced 35% within the past four years. Interactions went well with worldwide banks.

Ice plants will be established within all the atolls of the country by the end of this year. Much has been spent on the progress of the fishing industry. Imports into the agricultural field are being carried out. Maldives education system is ensured to be one that is environment friendly. Wifi access will be provided to all schools, including the bestowal of a tablet for every student studying between grades 1 and 12.

Students in their higher education are recorded at 32%, goal is to increase it to 60%, students who pass in 5 subjects increased by 75%.

Services at the Dharumavantha Hospital will commence this year. Treatments that were unavailable in the Maldives previously have been commemorated within the past three years. Special cancer centers have been implemented in IGMH, Villimale hospital and Hulhumale hospital. A Medical College is to be inaugurated in the Maldives in the near future.

76,000 job opportunities have been created (previously stated number is at 94,000.)

A FIFA standard football training school will be opened in Hulhumale this year.

Sewerage system has been implemented in 21 islands. 22 island with water supply. These services will be available in an additional 24 islands. The storage of drinking water will be carried out in 86 islands.

Airports will be developed in four different islands to broaden domestic travel, 24 islands will be inaugurated to broaden tourism sector. Beds will be more than 5,300. 40 travel investments registered in tourism sector.

Economy will reach MVR 22.4 billion this year. International investments opportunities will be broadened, and entrepreneaurial business opportunities will increase.

"iHaven" project's feasibility study and masterplan have been completed. Reef development projects in 27 different reefs47,000 job opportunities will be created within the next five years."

21 Feb 2018 | Wed 21:14
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Zunana Zalif
Parliament sitting

36 members attend the inaugural sitting of parliament, President Abdulla Yameen's presidential address ongoing

21 Feb 2018 | Wed 21:12
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Aishath Shaany
Opposition MPs to boycott parliament's inaugural sitting

Opposition coalition MPs have decided to boycott Wednesday night’s parliament sitting, where President Abdulla Yameen will deliver his national address. RaajjeMV understands that MPs have not been officially notified of the sitting.

21 Feb 2018 | Wed 20:25