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All praise to President Maumoon: Dr. Shainee

  • Credited President Maumoon for his successes
  • Thanked President Maumoon for encouraging Dr. Shainee to pursue higher studies
  • Wished President Maumoon a strong win

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President Al-Usthaz Maumoon Abul Gayoom,

I wish to thank you for appointing me as a member of the newly convened Board of Directors at Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company Limited formed on October 20,2008.

In the first meeting of the Board, I was named as the Managing Director of the company. I wish to thank you both personally and on behalf of my family for facilitating my appointment to this prestigious position.

Ever since I finished my studies, I had worked under your tutelage, serving the nation sincerely and to the best of my abilities. I assure you, with the Grace of Allah, that I will carry out the responsibilities of this position you have entrusted me, having placed your trust in me. You have been the biggest force in me remaining committed to my goals. You marked my successes after I came back twice after completing my higher studies, a testament to the support and encouragement you give me.

Having witnessed the development of the nation under your guidance over the years, it is both my family and my personal dua that you gain a resounding victory and pave way for a stronger five years as leader. Both my family and I will fully participate in your vision to make the next five years the greatest this nation has seen. I wish the best for you, your wife and family.

27 Shawwal 1429

27 October 2008


Mohamed Shainee

Presidential Palace

Male’, Republic of Maldives


This a translation of letter sent by current Fisheries Minister Dr. Mohamed Shainee to the then President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. The letter was sent roughly nine years ago, by a visibly delighted Dr. Shainee upon his selection as MIFCO Managing Director.

A letter that is quite insightful at this time. See back then, Dr. Shainee was appointed as Managing Director. One can surmise exactly how much of praise would have been on a letter thanking the incumbent President Abdullah Yameen when he was appointed to his current tenure.

Today, for Dr. Shainee, his mentor is “old”.  He says the 30-year rule of President Maumoon was enough. Today, Dr. Shainee casts doubts on his former mentor, calling his intentions “selfish”. Today, the very same Dr. Shainee, who pledged his support to President Maumoon, called on him to stay at home, that politics was no longer his forte. To boot, he alleged that President Yameen would have won more votes if President Maumoon had not interfered in the campaign.

The same person who wished for five more years of President Maumoon led greatness, had by a few simple words, sought out to eradicate the 30-years of development the said President brought in.

Undoubtedly, the situation has changed. Today, President Maumoon no longer commands the same form of power he once commanded. Today, Dr. Shainee is a Cabinet Minister.

But, does it really warrant the treatment meted out to a President? Granted, President Maumoon had left a mixed legacy for the nation. However, he was the catalyst that brought in much of the development we enjoy today.

Criticize his policies if you must. But like lawyer Maumoon Hameed pointed out, almost all of the attacks on President Maumoon were ad hominem attacks; “zero arguments, lots of insults”. Such attacks from the likes of Dr. Shainee, his peers and other political figures only serve to increase the respect and sympathy the public has towards him.


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