Male’ League 2017

Hope renewed with player’s confidence: Soba

  • Aspirations high for his side
  • No dismay in spite of defeat
  • Future wins expected

Rushdha Rasheed

K. Male' 2017 Mar 10 | Fri 18:39 1,422 sport

Sobah Mohamed Coach of Green Street - RaajjeMV

Green Street’s Coach Mohamed Sobah (Soba) says that in spite of the defeat against Maziya, he was confident of future wins as he had seen the confidence of players.

Green Streets suffered a 3-0 loss against Maziya Thursday night in STO Male’ League.

Speaking to press after the match, Soba said that Maziya was well prepared for the season with eight players from the national team and seasoned foreign players and therefore, their display was not a weak one. He said that Green Streets had played without two key players, but they had played with gusto. Therefore, he said that he was confident of future wins.

“We played against the most well trained team, [we] saw their gusto even without two key players. Maziya had two goals from a successful penalty and a free kick, then we lost the match,” Soba said.

Soba said that it was not dismaying that they had lost the first match against a side like Maziya. He said there will be more matches when the team can show their potential and win. Though he was happy with the performance, Soba said the 3 – 0 result was not what he expected.

“If we can maintain this performance, there will be many matches Green Streets can win. Not disappointed by the results, the players are very positive,” Soba said.


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